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1. You shall keep ALL appointments and be on t me.
Always keep your appointments and keep them on t me. Plan your day accordingly, and
leave early enough for appointments that you arrive on t me. Each appointment is a t me
commitment to another person. Research has shown that “contractors” are late or absent to
30% to 40% of all appointments. If you need to reschedule, be certain to call the customer
promptly. Always keep in mind that professionals in our business are commit ed to customer
service. This is the way pros conduct business.

2. You shall present yourself to your clients and the public in a professional manner at all
t mes.
Present yourself as a professional: in uniform and clean-shaven. Be on t me to your
appointments, always have clean and up-to-date business cards available, be art culate, and
conduct yourself in a professional manner.

3. You shall return all phone calls the same day.
Return all business-related phone calls within 24 hours. It is important to return calls for even
the smallest mat er. Everyone is busy – including your customers – and they will appreciate
the t me you dedicate to them.
4. You shall give clients a writ en quote within 48 hours.
Each service call should be followed up with a work proposal. Customers need to know that
we are professionals interested in doing business with them. Even if the job is seemingly
minor or trivial, customers appreciate seeing their request in writ ng.

5. You shall perform the best work quality.
Show your pride in workmanship. We guarantee all completed work for one year and are
thus accountable for our performance. We suggest a walkthrough with the client before
f nal payment. Leaving a property clean upon complet on proves to eliminate any return
trips and extra cost.
6. You shall keep your ego in your pocket.
Maintain an air of success, yet humble yourself. Provide your professional opinion for
potent al work, but allow your customers to make the f nal decision. Arrive at a plan that
is agreeable to you both. Listen carefully because your clients do not care how much you
know unt l they know how much you care. You were born with two ears and one mouth, so
do more listening than talking.

7. You shall determine your est mate and use it without fail.
Finalize a quote with the required mark-up. Professionals in our business know what their
exact markup is and they apply it to every est mate for every job, without except on. The
f nal cost to the customer is non-negot able.

8. Say what you do and do what you say.
Provide the service you have promised to your client.

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